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Channel-Billed Toucan


Scientific Name: Ramphastos vitellinus


Origin: Neotropical region, found across most of northern and central South America. The Amazon Forest and also in Atlantic Forest of Southeastern Brazil.                                                                                                                                                     


Habitat: The Channel-Billed Toucan natural habitat lies in low land humid regions, rainforests, and can be found in some dry regions as well.


Physical Description: The Channel-billed Toucan has a huge bill, up to 5.5 inches long, a black body, orange breast, red fuzz at the tail and breast, and a blue face. It stands up to 20 inches long.

Male and Female Channel-billed Toucans are sexually dimorphic, with the bill of the female being slightly smaller than that of the male, and has altered patterns.


Behavior:  They are playful and intelligent, and when handled well at an early age make great pets. Channel-billed toucans are known to being highly social, even in the wild, they are not keen on being alone. Their inquisitive nature might lead them to pick up and eat stuff that might be indigestible, which can later result in complications and even death.

Channel-billed toucans love to sunbathe, but would always retreat to shady spots to sleep and to avoid high temperatures.


Vocalization: Depending on species, the Channel-Billed Toucan have a High-Pitched croaking or yelping sound. It is often heard while they are chasing, calling, and courting with each other.


Breeding: The Channel-Billed Toucan finds nesting in natural cavities or in holes created by other kinds of animals. After it reaches sexual maturity, 3 years of age, courting takes place inside the nests with males feeding females, grooming, incubation, and nest maintenance.

Mating season typically happens from March to June.

They breed once a year, laying 2-4 eggs, with an incubation period of 16-18 days. The newborn Channel Build Toucan fledges after approximately 49 days.


Food Habits: The Channel-Billed Toucan’s main diet consists on fruits but can also expand to small eggs, and other insects.