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Blue-Winged Parrotlet


Scientific Name: Forpus xanthopterygius


Origin: South America – mostly in the Amazon river basin, Colombia, southern Brazil, and northern Argentina.


Habitat: The Blue Winged Parrotlet lives in savannahs, tropical forests, and woodland.


Physical Description: The Blue-Winged Parrotlet is a small bird, standing up to 12cm (5 inches) tall. Its feathers are primarily green. The male Blue-Winged Parrotlet has blue feathers mixed into its wings and rump. Its bill and feet are pale in color.


Behavior: Blue-Winged Parrotlets are active, lively, and friendly. They are not typically loud, and they enjoy exploring and being adventurous.


Vocalization: The Blue-Winged Parrotlet has a low and quieter vocalization. Their call is squeaky, but not loud. They sometimes repeat human speech, but not too well.


Breeding: The Blue-Winged Parrotlet’s breeding period is unclear and depends on location. They are monogamous and nest in tree cavities and stumps, on decayed wood. The female Blue-Winged Parrotlet incubates the eggs by herself, leaving the nest periodically to feed. Both the male and the female feed the chicks once they are hatched.


Food Habits: Blue-Winged Parrotlets eat insects, fruits, seeds, oats, and wheat.

seeds and nuts from the trees in their habitat.