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Moustached Parakeet


Scientific Name: Psittacula alexandri


Origin: Southeast Asia – China, Indonesia, and the Himalayas.


Habitat: The Mustached Parakeet lives in woodlands, foothills, and moutains.


Physical Description: The Mustached Parakeet stands up to 38cm (15 inches) tall. The male bird has a grey head, green feathers on its body, and a red bill. Its front including its throat, cheeks, and breast are light pink.

The female has a blue head, green feathers on its body, and an orange bill. Its front is a duller pink than the male’s.

Both the female and the male Mustached Parakeet have black markings on their faces and under their beaks.


Behavior: Mustached Parakeets are smart and outgoing. They like to play and socialize. They can be aggressive and are sometimes perceived as being bossy, however they can be disciplined and trained. They may talk if taught to.


Vocalization: Mustached Parakeets are loud when in groups. Their warning call is loud and very distinctive. They whistle and talk at pleasant volumes.


Breeding: Mustached Parakeets make their nests in hollow cavities.

The female lays 2 to 4 eggs, incubating them for approximately 22 days. The chicks fledge around 52 days after hatching.


Food Habits: The Mustached Parakeet eats seeds, nuts, fruits, grains, and leaves.