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Scarlet Macaw


Scientific Name: Ara macao


Origin: Central America and Northern South America.


Habitat: The Scarlet Macaw lives in tall trees and near rivers, in tropical, evergreen forests. They flock in pairs, or in family groups.


Physical Description: Scarlet Macaws stand up to 86cm (34 inches) tall.

They have predominantly bright red feathers, with bright blue and yellow feathers on their wings. The area around the eye is white, and its beak has a black bottom and a light colored top.


Behavior: The Scarlet Macaw is very smart and energetic. This bird requires regular socialization and attention.


Vocalization: Scarlet Macaws communicate with honks and loud noises. They can imitate human speech accurately.


Breeding: The Scarlet Macaw mates for life with one bird. The female lays up to three eggs, nesting in tree cavities. The female incubates the eggs for about five weeks, and the chicks fledge 90 days after hatching.



Food Habits: The Scarlet Macaw feeds on fruits, nuts, and seeds.