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Catalina Macaw


Scientific Name: Ara ararauna × Ara macao


Origin: Mainly produced in captivity by crossing a Scarlet Macaw with a Blue-And-Yellow Macaw.


Habitat: Because the Catalina Macaw is mainly produced in captivity, they originate in breeders’ homes around the world.


Physical Description: The Catalina Macaw stands up to 89cm (35 inches) tall.

Its chest is yellow-orange with green at the top of its head. Its wings are green and blue, and they have gold feathers on the edges of their wings and tail.


Behavior: Catalina Macaws share the traits of their parents, the Scarlet Macaw and the Blue-And-Yellow Macaw. They are intelligent and can be taught tricks. They can also learn to talk and thrive on interaction. If they are neglected, they can become depressed and destructive.


Vocalization: As all Macaws, this bird is loud and noisy. They can scream very loudly and tend do so when seeking attention.


Breeding: Breeders do not tend to breed the hybrid Catalina Macaw, opting instead to continue breeding the Scarlet Macaw and Blue-And-Yellow Macaw, in order to keep the pure first generation going.


Food Habits: The Catalina Macaw feeds on fresh fruits and vegetables as well as seeds.