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Yellow-Crested Cockatoo


Scientific Name: Cacatua sulphera


Origin: Lesser Sunda Islands and Indonesia (add map: Salawesi, Sumba, Flores Sea, Nusa Tenggara, and Masalembu islands). Introduced to Hong Kong and Singapore.


Habitat: The Yellow-Crested Cockatoo’s natural habitat is mainly forests, woodlands, coconut palms, forest edges, and plantations. They live in pairs or small groups.


Physical Description: Both juvenile and adult Yellow-Crested Cockatoos stand up to 34cm (13.38 inches) tall with a bright yellow crest and black bill.

The Yellow-Crested Cockatoo is characterized by white plumage with yellow undersides of wings and tail. Its ear coverts are bright yellow, and its eye rings are soft white.

Male eyes are brown or black while female eyes are brown or red.


Behavior: The Yellow-Crested Cockatoo is an intelligent bird able to learn tricks quickly. They can be quite affectionate, and they need a lot of attention. They enjoy biting on anything they can find. Its wingbeats are shallow and they also glide.


Vocalization: The Yellow-Crested Cockatoo gives off a harsh, loud screech. It may also let out whistles and less harsh noises.


Breeding: The Yellow-Crested Cockatoo is critically endangered. It nests inside tree cavities, where the female lays the eggs – usually two eggs at a time. Both the male and female share the incubation, which lasts for about 28 days. The chicks leave the nest around 75 days after hatching.


Food Habits: Yellow-Crested Cockatoos enjoy eating nuts, seeds, buds, oats, herbaceous plants, vegetables, and fruits.