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White Bellied Caique


Scientific Name: Pionites leucogaster


Origin: South America – Brazil and Eastern Peru.


Habitat: The White Bellied Caique lives in the Amazon in humid forests and wooded areas.


Physical Description: The White Bellied Caique stands up to 23cm (9 inches) tall.

This bird has a short tail and chubby body making it look rather cute. It has a white or cream-colored belly and eye rings, giving it its name. Its thighs and throat are yellow, and its tail, back, and wings are green. The top of its head is orange-yellow. Its beak is a cream color and it has grey-ish feet.


Behavior: The White Bellied Caique is very energetic and loves playing and moving around. It is am affectionate bird that likes to cuddle and enjoys being scratched, but it is also quit independent so it satisfied by simply being in the same room as its owner or hearing human voices.


Vocalization: The White Bellied Caique does not mimic human speech very well, and instead repeats noises and relies on its natural calls and vocalizations, which are high pitched and shrill whistles and calls.


Breeding: The White Bellied Caique female lays three eggs at a time.

Incubation for White Bellied Caiques lasts between 24 and 27 days.

This bird is endangered.


Food Habits: The White Bellied Caique eats seeds, fresh fruits, and greens.