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Black Headed Caique


Scientific Name: Pionites melanocephalus


Origin: South America – Brazil, Colombia, Peru, northern Bolivia, French Guiana, Suriname, Ecuador, and Venezuela.


Habitat: The Black-Headed Caique lives in forests and wooded areas.


Physical Description: The Black-Headed Caique stands up to 23cm (9 inches) tall.

This bird is characterized by the black feathers on its crown, back of the neck, and forehead, contrasting with its bright green feathers on its body and yellow on its cheeks, throat, undertail, thighs, and flanks. Its stomach is cream-colored. The bill is grey, and it has black feet.


Behavior: The Black-Headed Caique is an inquisitive and curious bird.

It is cuddly and intelligent, and quite noisy. Because of their high energy, they require mental and physical stimulation.


Vocalization: The Black-Headed Caique is good at mimicking sounds. Alarms, sirens, and animal sounds are the most common sounds they mimic. They tend to combine these sounds to come up with new and interesting sounds.  


Breeding: The Black-Headed Caique female may lay up to three or four eggs at a time. The eggs are laid every third day until all eggs have been laid.

Incubation for Black-Headed Caiques is around 26 days. The female stays in the nest, and only leaves the nest for bowel movements. The male feeds the female and sometimes joins her in the nest. The chicks fledge around 14 weeks after hatching.



Food Habits: The Black-Headed Caique feeds on flowers, seeds, pulp, and insects.