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Congo African Grey


Scientific Name: Psittacus erithacus


Origin: Equatorial Africa – Congo, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Gabon, and Angola.


Habitat: The Congo African Grey Parrot inhabits dense forests, as well as forest edges and open gallery and savannah forests.


Physical Description: The Congo African Grey Parrot stands up to 32cm (14 inches) tall.

It is mainly grey in color, with darker grey on the head and wings, and red tail feathers. It has a black bill and yellow irises with white circles around the eyes.


Behavior: Congo African Grey Parrots are intelligent and have prominent speaking abilities. This bird can learn up to 1,500 different words. Due to its high intelligence and awareness of surroundings, the Congo African Grey Parrot demands attention and stimulation. When bored, they can be self-destructive.


Vocalization: The Congo African Grey Parrot mimics sound and human speech. It also may scream in alarm or growl when sensing danger.


Breeding: The Congo African Grey Parrot is monogamous. They nest in tree hollows, with the female laying between three to five eggs. She incubates for 30 days and is fed by the male during that time.

Once the eggs hatch, both the male and the female take care of the chicks. The fledge 12 weeks after hatching. The parents continue to take care of them up to 5 weeks after they fledge.


Food Habits: Congo African Grey Parrots mostly feed on fruits, nuts, and seeds. They also eat flowers and tree bark.